Brand It

New clients often come to me overwhelmed with options and plagued with limitations about how to build their brand, generate a marketing campaign, throw an event or optimize their rental investments.

I take the time to understand your goals, research the market and your competition, discover what makes you unique, and explore innovative opportunities to help you reach your goals. I’ll refine your brand, build your online presence, find untapped assets, and consider strategic partners to take you to your next level of success.

Get Noticed

With 25 years of promotional expertise, the right contacts and focused attention, you’ll have what you need to stand out in a competitive market.

I craft brilliant imagery and compelling language for your website, press releases, blogs, email campaigns and social media. I’ll design your business cards, collateral material, brochures and more.

I ensure my clients are prepared with compelling presentations, interesting speeches and scripts, exude confidence and grace, and stay on the cutting edge with timely content and professional presence.


  • You’re amazing. Could you please run my life? And then the world?

    – Rick Hanson, PhD., best-selling author of Buddha’s Brain

  • Suzanna helped us get exposure to [Chopra Center Medical Director] Dr. David Simon’s book, Free to Love, Free to Heal. She effectively secured a multitude of radio interviews for Dr. Simon as well as speaking engagements with influential audiences in northern California. Suzanna is flexible and easy to work with. Numerous times she went the extra mile to facilitate the promotion of Dr. Simon’s book.

    – Sara Harvey, The Chopra Center for Well-Being

  • Suzanna Gratz and her wonderful company, Inspiring Promotions, are central to the promotional efforts of my business as an author, speaker, and coach. Suzanna goes well beyond the call to understand her client’s needs and audience, and she’s extremely connected in the markets I want to reach. I’ve also always had the sense that she genuinely cares about my success and that of her other clients.

    – Victoria Moran, New York Times Bestselling Author

  • Suzanna is one of the most genuine and authentic, powerful and pleasant people I have ever worked with. She has excellent standards, is a woman of her word and she’s brilliant!

    – Sheila Gale, Teleseminar Host and nationally syndicated radio show host

  • Suzanna is a great support to artists. Her ability to network and find creative ways to bridge the world of the artist to collector is innovative and exciting. I was honored to be chosen as one of her artists and look forward to a long prosperous relationship. She brings class and grace to any situation.

    Gail Weissman, Artist

  • Suzanna has gotten me on radio shows to publicize my documentary film and she has an exceptionally well run operation. I always know which end is up as she takes care of everything except me talking. I’ve had other services to compare hers to and she is top of the heap,   as well as being a lovely, caring person.

    – Suzanne Taylor, Award-Winning Documentary Film Maker

  • Suzanna has been a wonderful catalyst in helping us grow our itunes subscribers on our Smart Women Talk radio show to over 70,000 by connecting us with her inspirational and bestselling authors. Our listeners continually rave about the quality of our show guests and when we check, it’s more than likely we have just interviewed one of Suzanna’s fabulous clients.

    – Katana Abbott, Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Producer

  • I cannot say enough great things about Suzanna! Not only has she consistently been on target with her recommendations for us on which speakers to choose but she provides all of the marketing material for these speakers quickly so that we can do our jobs easily. She is great at what she does, extremely knowledgeable and cares deeply about making everyone around her successful, as well. Suzanna will exceed your expectations for sure!

    –  Lynn Cohen, President, Designs To Grow

  • Suzanna is a highly professional and effective publicist. I recommend her to anyone interested in getting publicity for their book or project!

    – Steve Keyser, Publicist, Launch Publicity

  • Suzanna is one of my favorite PR people, so I always give a little extra consideration to her (and her clients). With having five shows on five different networks, over the years I have worked with a ton of PR people and she truly stands tall with the best of them.

    – Bobbie Baxter, Producer, The Dr. Pat Show


We’ve worked with some heavyweights