New clients often come to me overwhelmed with options and plagued with limitations about how to build their brand, birth their product, launch or relaunch their website, generate a digital marketing campaign, or engage their market.

Most are looking for an easy and affordable way to make a big difference.

I take the time to understand your goals, research the market and your competition, discover what makes you unique, create an intelligent and integrative marketing strategy, and explore fresh and innovative ways to help you reach your goals affordably and with ease.

With 20 years of promotional expertise, 12 years in publishing, digital marketing skills and focused attention, you’ll stand out in your competitive market.

1. Unlike your business, which most likely does not operate or communicate with customers after hours, your website stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This means that even when your staff is not available to interact with people looking to do business with you, your website is accessible and able to provide helpful information, serve as a point of contact, or even allow customers to make appointments or submit orders.

2. Think you can squeeze by one more month without a stand out website? Think maybe your DIY website is “good enough?” Think again! 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website.

3. Consumers expect your business, regardless of size, to have a professional online presence. And 9 out of 10 consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. It’s just good business.

“An effective partner”

5 / 5

Having worked with the marketing departments at Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins, it is clear that Suzanna sets a new standard. With a wonderful wit, she has provided many creative insights tied to an attention to detail that results in true effectiveness. Suzanna is an exceptional, talented, committed, intelligent, and effective partner!

Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier, bestselling author

“Highly recommend”

5 / 5

I normally don’t give five stars, but Suzanna deserves credit the for all five. She designed a brand new logo and website for an upcoming business. Suzanna is very professional, detail oriented, highly skilled, creative, and tech savvy. She is very responsive, personable, and easy to work with.

Alex Kofman, ABC Home Repairs

“As good as it gets!”

5 / 5

Suzanna brings both the technical know-how with an aesthetic that ensures your project exceeds expectations. She anticipates issues and resolves them before I’m even aware. She has worked with me on branding, website, logo and graphics, brochures and more. She understands her clients, what they wish to convey, and guides the process seamlessly.

Susan Fox, DACM, L.Ac.

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